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Frozen Seconds #2 - Amigo in a pinch?

mada08_d, Sep 2, 10 11:41 AM.
While conducting a market research in Ost Guruth on behalf of the United Ironworkers of the Molten Blade i stumbled upon something peculiar!

As always i had brought my trusted Polaroid to take any chance to document things of interest. While taking a picture of this strapping businessman something Odd caught my eye (you can barely see it in the enclosed picture).


Of course a gentleman of curiosity like myself had to investigate further.. i made a closer inspection and was shocked at what i'd found:


So there you have it, directly from Ost Guruth, thanks to modern Elvish imagery magic.. take precausions Rubo.. someone is gunning for you!


Frozen Seconds - Red Pass / Red Dawn

mada08_d, Sep 1, 10 5:36 PM.
The gangs all geared up and ready to go - Makes me wanna give em a Scooby-Snack!

So this is it then.. the new Bree Amigos stumble into the light (or unlight as it seem) for a second round of bruisin, lets hope that our friends fare better this time than back in '07!

I've taken upon my humble self to sneak my trusty old Polaroid in the pack and will try to give you an occasional update from the frontlines as we go along.

Now i hear you all say: ~"But there are no Polaroid Cameras in Middle Earth!"

- Well i beg to differ, and here is the proof!



The Bree Amigos Has a New Address!

System, Aug 20, 10 4:03 AM.
Now we're directly connected to the Internet.
Be afraid, scared and make sure to update your bookmarks.

We now exist on

Yet another try...The Bree Amigos rises from the ashes

Hoipa, Jul 7, 10 1:12 AM.
We're back and this time it's for good (or at least for a while)
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